Episode 7: Jack Wittich (The Buried Heart)

Alex and Trystan are joined by Jack Wittich of up-and-coming Northern California progressive rock project The Buried Heart. Jack discusses the recording of the project’s new “Safe Harbor” EP, working as a solo artist vs. collaborating with other musicians, and the possibility of a companion short film for the EP.

One comment on “Episode 7: Jack Wittich (The Buried Heart)”

  1. Alison cotter says:

    Really enjoyed listening to jack and learning about his journey as a musician and his philosophy. He is so articulate, intelligent, and mature. Can’t wait to see what he does next musically. I am holding out hope for an acoustic version of a song or two. He is a songwriter at heart and his lyrics are a thing of beauty. Just listen to the amazing phrases he drops into this interview! “Being stagnant in safety” “Scoring a memory” Wow.

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